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Great Skin Care Relief: Hollins Holistic Whipped Mango Butter

For many years my growing family suffered from excessively dry skin and eczema flare ups. I tried medicated ointments and creams prescribed to us by our family physician and so many “natural skin treatments” that just never worked for us.

Finally it hit me, (I had my “a ha!” moment) in order to get the customized results to relieve our ongoing complex skin issues, I would need to create them myself!

So, I rolled up my sleeves, and got to work. I mixed, I whipped, I sampled, and finally!....

A combination cream that I could safely use on my ENTIRE FAMILY! Including my youngest child Eve (who is under 2 years old).

In that “mad scientist” like moment I created the Hollins Holistic Whipped Mango Butter, a luxurious moisturizing skin cream product.

This all natural, 100% handmade, hypoallergenic, and clean skin care cream provides a protective moisture layer that acts as a natural barrier against daily toxins that you pick up from the environment.

Try Hollins Holistic Mango Butter to immediately reduce and eliminate your skin problems!

So far all the wonderful Hollins Holistic customers agree! Check out all our happy customers on Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram!

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